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    Matwork Pilates Classes

    MOOREPilates Matwork Classes will help you to create a balanced, strong, stable and co-ordinated body. Throughout the class you will use your body weight to provide the resistance that your muscles need to work against effectively. Classes include the use of small props to challenge and modify the exercises according to your individual needs. Only ten clients per class.

    Machine Pilates Classes

    MOOREPilates Machine Classes incorporate repertoire on the reformer, half cadillac and stability chair to give a challenging all body workout. These classes focus on a new level of strength training as you will work against resistance so the results are fast. Muscles are worked deeply as the springs provide support for difficult exercises to really strengthen your stabilising muscles. At the same you will use your big muscle groups to whittle away fat and tone and define the body. Only eight clients per class.

    Cardio Tramp Pilates Classes

    MOOREPilates will ensure that you experience a super athletic fun and challenging workout for fat burning and toning. This 30mins intense cardio class can be completed before a machine, reformer or total barre class for the ultimate workout. A trampoline at the end of the reformer creates a soft landing surface, increasing your workout potential. The power packed 30mins has intervals of intense work broken up with fluid controlled movement which challenge your core stabiliser, shoulder and hip muscles. This class will change the shape of your body and leave you with energy for hours. Only four clients per class.

    Total Barre Pilates Classes

    MOOREPilates Total Barre Classes are high energy and dynamic fusing dance, cardio and strength training. If you want the lean and long look then the Barre workout is for you, no dance experience is necessary as this programme if for everyone. Barre classes are fun and focus on increasing strength, stamina, flexibility and dynamic stability. Only ten clients per class.

    Pure Power

    MOOREPilates’ Pure Power is the ultimate strength and endurance class which combines machine pilates and cardio tramp repertoire to help strengthen, lengthen, tone and fat burn. This intense workout will certainly raise your heart rate and make you sweat.

    Stretch Class

    MOOREPilates has developed a unique stretch class that fuses flow yoga with pilates the principles on our reformers. You will be sure to release the stresses and strains of the week through moving through a series of dynamic poses aimed to strength your joints while releasing tension. You will be sure to walk an few inches taller when you leave the studio.

    Teenage Pilates Classes

    MOOREPilates believes that Pilates help, develop confidence, coordination skills, strength, and safe levels of flexibility, correct alignment and posture. We use the specialised Pilates machines and small equipment to provide a challenging 60mins workout. Only 8 teenagers per class.

    Monday   Machine Room   Mat Room
    10.30 - 11.30   General Machine    
    20.05 - 21-05   General Machine    
    20.15 - 21.15       Yoga
    09.30 - 10.00   Cardio Tramp    
    10.00 - 11.00   General Machine    
    17.45 - 18.45       General Matwork
    19.00 - 20.00   General Machine    
    20.30 - 21.30   General Machine    
    07:00 - 08:00       Yoga
    09.30 - 10.30       General Matwork
    10.40 - 11.40   General Machine    
    19.00 - 20.00       General Matwork
    20.15 - 21.15   General Machine    
    10.00 - 11.00   Pure Power    
    14.00 - 15.00       Mother and Baby Class
    19.30 - 20.30   Pure Power    
    20.35 - 21-35   Stretch Class    
    07:00 - 08:00   General Machine    
    10.00 - 11.00   General Machine    
    11.10 - 12.10   General Machine / Stretch    
    08.30 - 09.00   Cardio Tramp    
    09.00 - 10.00   General Machine    
    10.00 - 11.00       General Matwork
    11.15 - 12.15   Pure Power    
    Class Monthly Standing Order 1 Session 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
    Machine & Machine Stretch Classes £60 £20 £90 £170
    General Matwork
    Cardio Tramp
    Total Barre
    £40 £15 £65 £120
    One to Ones N/A £55 £250 £450
    One to Twos N/A £80 £325 £575
    Combination Classes        
    2 machine classes a week for 1 month £110 (Standing Order Only)      
    1 machine class and 1 matwork/total barre/Cardio tramp/Stretch class
    a week for 1 month
    £90 (Standing Order Only)      
    Class Monday Tuesday Wed Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Mother and Baby Pilates Yoga       12.45 - 13.45      

    One to One / Two’s

    MOOREPilates ensures that your private session is tailor made to your individual needs. This session is ideal if you are recovering/rehabilitating from an injury/operation or have been referred to the studio by a health care advisor. You will to able to use a variety of small and large of Pilates equipment including the reformer within your practice to really strengthen the identified area of weakness.

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Mother and Baby / Toddler Pilates

Get in shape while exercising with your child

Mother & Toddler Pilates

Actively play with your toddler whilst getting in shape

  • Take the decisive step to get your figure back
  • Strengthen your core strength and improve your posture
  • Bespoke sessions that are designed to stimulate your children’s minds and bodies
All classes are small and friendly with an instructor that specialises in pre and postnatal Pilates and has a PGCE, DBS and First Aid

Stimulate your toddler with Brain Gym activities.

The 26 Brain Gym activities are claimed to improve eye teaming (binocular vision), spatial and listening skills, hand–eye coordination, and whole-body flexibility, and by doing this manipulate the brain, improving learning and recall of information.

Mother & Baby Pilates Classes

Actively engage with your baby whilst exercising

  • Take the decisive step to get your figure back
  • Strengthen your core strength and improve your posture
  • Bespoke sessions that are designed to stimulate your baby’s senses learning and development

Visit our dedicated Sensory Room

Our dedicated Sensory Room has lights, bubbles, sounds, movement to nursery rhythms and moving streamers for activities that stimulate your baby’s senses.

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mother-child-pilates child-pilates

Community Pilates

MOORE for the Community

Pilates in School

Primary and Junior School Pilates

MOOREPilates have developed specialised courses that we can now deliver in schools. All courses are tailor made to your school and your pupils needs.

What is included:

  1. Workshops that challenge learners balance and coordination skills
  2. Before and after school clubs for learners
  3. Termly courses that are aimed at learners that have identified SEN

We fuse adapted Pilates exercises with a brain gym to help learners improve academic performance through the following:

  • Play based learning which is fun
  • Develop self-responsibility
  • Feeling appreciated and valued
  • Increase coordination skills
  • Taking control of their own learning
  • Develop creativity and self-expression
  • Building an awareness of the value of movement in daily life

We bring the specialised small equipment to your school which will include bands, rollers, balls and resistance circles. Our small equipment challenges and develops body awareness, coordination and strength that can be transferred into everyday activities. All exercises are easily differentiated, allowing everyone to achieve and progress through the course in a non-competitive environment.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact


Secondary School Pilates

We can develop and deliver courses that are tailor made to your schools and learners needs that include:

  1. A six week SOW that could be delivered within the PE curriculum
  2. Before and after school clubs for learners and/or staff
  3. Courses that develop confidence for learners that have poor self-esteem and body image issues

We have noticed that there is an increase in young adults with poor posture as a result of bad postural habits, low self-esteem and confidence.  This causes immediate discomfort and can create more serious health issues in the future.  Pilates has proven to rectify these postural habits, as the technique re-aligns the skeleton and surrounding muscles, which helps the body to become strong and balanced.
The courses are based upon the Pilates principles and recognized repertoire, we bring the specialized small equipment to school which include bands, rollers, balls and resistance circles.  This equipment challenges and develops the learners body awareness, strength, stamina and flexibility while having fun at the same time.  All exercises are easily differentiated, allowing everyone to achieve and progress through the course in a non-competitive environment.  We are also able to incorporate as much anatomy and physiology into the course as you require.  We are able to provide equipment for groups of up to 20 learners with ease. 

The alternative is that you could bring your learners to the studio which is located in Stoke Road on the boarders of Slough and Stoke Poges, where learners will be able to use the specialised Pilates machines for groups of up to 12 learners.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact

Pilates Training

The Level 3 Diploma in Pilates

Course Content

The Level 3 Diploma in Pilates is a comprehensive course that will provide you with the foundation to either teach matwork or use it as a stepping stone to becoming a fully certified instructor. This course is recognised by CYQ and REPS. The course is broken down into the following units:

  1. Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  2. Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health
  3. Supporting clients who take part in exercise and physical activity
  4. Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  5. Principles of Pilates Matwork
  6. Programme Pilates Matwork
  7. Instructing Pilates Matwork

During the course you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to:

  • Teach, modify and adapt the full Matwork repertoire in relation to your clients needs and goals
  • Assess, identify and then rectify your clients postural defaults through safe and effective programming
  • Acquire the necessary teaching skills to help improve and enhance your client's movement quality


Your assessment in broken down into the following:

  • Coursework
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Practical Demonstration / Assignment

Multiple Choice Examination Courses are held at the weekend over a period of three months. The cost of the course is £1450.00.

If you are interested in apply for the course please contact, stating why you would like to be a Pilates Instructor as well as a list of your previous relevant qualifications and experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pilates Training

Pilates Training

MOOREPilates Essential Reformer Course

MOOREPilates is a fully functioning machine studio so we are able to support students outside their nominated learning hours through:
  • Allowing students studio time to practise the exercises taught in a professional teaching environment support by a qualified Pilates Instructor.
  • Students will also have access to the studio equipment to practise the exercises enabling them to demonstrate them proficiently in a class setting.
  • Students will be able to take part in machine classes to experience a range of teaching styles.

Our Essential Reformer Course is validation by Active IQ.

To train learners to a professionally competent level, enabling them to prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective machine Pilates classes.


  • To be able to plan a safe group reformer session taking into consideration clients posture, goals and aspirations, Pilates principles and fundamentals.
  • To be able to deliver a safe group reformer session taking into consideration clients posture, goals and aspirations, Pilates principles and fundamentals.
  • To be able to communicate effectively and positively using a variety of learning styles.
  • To be able to evaluate the session effectively concluding with a clear aim and purpose for the consecutive session.

There are 12 contact teaching hours that take place over one weekend.

Then there are a minimum of 40 self-directed teaching hours comprised of the following:

  • Observe and participate in reformer classes.
  • Practise the exercises to be able to teach these fluently.
  • Teach under a qualified Pilates Instructor.

This qualifications comprises of successful completion of the following:
  • Session Plan
  • Delivering a 1 hour machine class
  • Evaluation of the machine class
  • Health and Safety documentation (Client questionnaire forms)

All components will be assessed internally and then doubled marked by an external verifier.

Pre – requisites

  • Level 3 Diploma in Matwork Pilates
  • Experience of machine Pilates is highly recommended.
  • The course requires physical exertion and individual participation is essentials, therefore a degree of physical fitness is necessary.
  • The course require a good level of communication skills.


If you are interested in apply for the course please contact, stating why you would like to be a Pilates Instructor as well as a list of your previous relevant qualifications and experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Vision

MOORE Pilates Vision

Mission Statement

MOOREPilates is dedicated to improving their client’s wellbeing through high quality personalised teaching utilising the specialised Pilates knowledge and equipment. We believe Pilates is an intelligent form of exercise that is inclusive to EVERYONE.


MOOREPilates is dedicated to helping clients develop an awareness of their body so that they are able to improve posture, core strength and flexibility. Pilates builds strength from the inside out. By training the complex muscles which lie in the torso, pelvis and shoulder girdle and through proper alignment, improved breathing and fluid movement, strength and functional fitness is increased. MOOREPilates believes in training clients using this approach to improve client’s general health and day to day wellbeing.

Samantha Moore

Samantha is director of MOOREPilates, is an ex-dancer and has suffered many long term injuries through her career. Through training and practicing Pilates she has managed to lead a pain free and active lifestyle, ultimately forming the driving force behind MOOREPilates.

The small and dedicated team at the studio believes in the Joseph Pilates technique for everyone and teaches it with passion. MOOREPilates is very involved in all areas of community life, working within schools, running classes for children, working with athletes and generally individuals from all walks of life regardless of their background, fitness or ability.

All members of staff are qualified Pilates instructors from international leading Pilates training providers, including the Pilates Foundation, Pilates Precision and STOTTS.

Pilates FAQ's

Find out more about Pilates

What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Pilates mainly concentrates on cultivating core strength in the body and lengthening the spine. Also, Pilates is a valuable tool for increasing strength, definition and proper posture. Yoga aims to work the body equally and unite the body with mind and spirit. Yoga is often considered therapeutic, when compared to Pilates, as it helps people find harmony and release stress. Yoga has many different styles, but all are generally performed in a group setting on a yoga mat with the aid of a yoga instructor. Pilates has a full component of matwork, but it also incorporates work on Pilates machines which help build a longer, leaner, dancer-like physique.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?

Pilates is famous for creating long, lean, fit bodies. There are many ways that doing Pilates supports weight loss and a trimmer appearance:

  • Exercise burns calories. How many calories you burn depends on your body type and your level of exertion.
  • Creating lean muscle mass, as Pilates does, is one of the best ways to increase your calorie-burning potential.
  • Pilates tones and shapes the body.
  • One of the best ways to look and feel thinner is to have beautiful posture. Pilates creates a leaner look by emphasising both length and good alignment.
  • Pilates promotes deep and efficient respiration, which is essential for calorie burning and tissue regeneration.
  • Engaging in an exercise program, like Pilates, promotes self-esteem and heightened lifestyle consciousness.

Both are associated with weight loss. Pilates is an enlivening workout that can help sustain energy levels throughout your day. However, it is not usually done as aerobic exercise. Therefore, some people enjoy combining Pilates with aerobic/cardio exercise in order to maximize their weight loss.

Do I have to be in shape to do Pilates?

No! Anyone can start Pilates and any level. It will be catered to meet you where you are. In fact, we like it when clients find us and are just beginning their journey in Pilates. Then we can teach them the language of Pilates from the beginning.

What’s the difference between working out on the equipment and the Pilates Mat classes?

Mat classes really focus on core work and require you to support your body and are very challenging. Pilates equipment gives you a frame to work within that is often more helpful than mat but can be more challenging when springs are added or taken away. Working on the equipment can also target and tone specific areas of your body very efficiently.

What is involved in the Initial Private session? Is it just a consultation or am I going to get a workout?

It is a consultation with a Private Pilates Instructor and also a workout. During the session the instructor will assess your specific body needs and personal goals and begin to teach you the fundamentals of Pilates. Because it is new, you will be working slowly and it is a great challenge. You’re going to love it and your instructor will recommend what the next step is for you such as more private sessions, mat classes or group reformer, etc.

Which is a better workout, Mat or Reformer?

Both are fantastic workouts and complement each other. Mat is challenging because you are on your own and have to control and challenge your body with just that, your body and mind. Reformer is a great workout because you have the machine to support you and also the added weight with springs to really work on specific areas of your body and challenge it. People like them for different reasons and it is a personal choice. Doing both is the traditional way of practicing Pilates.

How often should I do Pilates each week?

The ideal practice of Pilates is 3 times per week. However, you need to take into consideration – time, finances, stress level and burning out. We suggest starting with one session (100% more than you are doing now!) and adding more sessions when you can. You can also try a Mat or Group Reformer class, providing you are approved to do so. You will see results quickly if you do more sessions each week.

Can I take mat classes instead of an Initial Private session if I’ve done Pilates before?

We recommend doing the Initial Private even if you have done Pilates before so you can brush up on your Pilates, get a great deal and do a Private with a teacher who will guide you to the right class for your level.

Why is there a 48 hour cancellation policy? What if I get sick or have an emergency?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy because we are a professional studio and our teachers reserve the time and keep it available for each client. They are booked by the hour in each shift. 48 hours allows the studio and teacher to book another client and fill that void. We know that unforeseen emergencies come up. However, traffic, work and being under the weather are cancellations so please always cancel ahead of time if you foresee that happening.

How long before I see changes in my body?

In less than one month you will feel a difference and hopefully even see one. Everyone responds differently but wonderful changed will happen if you commit to doing Pilates every week! “10 sessions- Feel the difference. 20 sessions- See the difference. 30 sessions- Have a new body!” -Joseph Pilates

Is Pilates only focused on the core?

Everything you do in Pilates is supported from the core (transverse abdominals, pelvic floor, spinal muscles and diaphragm make up the core). Pilates also focuses on breath, balance, flexibility, coordination, control, stamina, toning, posture and overall health.

I want 6 pack abs. Will Pilates help me achieve that?

Pilates will do that and much more by creating a balanced approach to core strengthening that will tone your abdominal muscles and cinch in your waist.

Do you have a lot of male clients? Do they take the group classes (reformer and mat)?

Yes we have a growing number of male clients. And they take all of our classes!

I recently had surgery. Can I take Pilates?

Yes, depending on what type of surgery. We do require a medical release from your doctor and then an instructor will work with you to begin strengthening and getting back to your best self

Pilates Explained

What is Pilates and how can it help you

Pilates Principles


Before any outer movement, we aim to initiate our movement from the Centre. This takes a little time and practice initially to engage the core muscles of the pelvis, abdominals and back, just enough to support the movement but without creating undue tension. This internal effort is unique to the Pilates method and is the secret behind the flat stomach, defined waistline and beautiful posture, which can be the by-product of regular Pilates practice.


Pilates breathing or “thoracic breathing.” means breathing into the back and sides of the ribcage in an effort to improve our lung capacity and breathing efficiency. This enables the abdominals to remain engaged to support the spine and pelvis throughout movement. The rhythm of breath flows naturally, as you prepare for movement on the inhalation and make the movement on the exhalation. Although feeling challenging to start with, with a little practice many clients find this is one of the key elements contributing to their sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation after class.  


Pilates movement should be fluid and controlled without jerkiness or unwanted tension. Joseph Pilates original matwork sequence was a continuous flowing series of exercises aimed at conditioning the body in a holistic way. Contemporary Pilates teaching often enables this original series of exercises to be modified and adapted to suit different client needs and levels of ability. However the essence of flowing movement is still one of the fundamental Pilates principles, as relaxed effort is a state which enables the mind and body to work in harmony.


By taking time to focus on our body during Pilates classes, rather than taking it for granted, we use a variety of cues to help us move in a way that is more beneficial to our body’s natural needs. Eventually this internal focus becomes second nature and our body just knows a better way to move.


Each movement of each Pilates exercise requires complete control of your body by your mind. There should be no sudden, meaningless, or haphazard movements during your Pilates workout, it is a mind body connection. This is why the Pilates method is such a safe exercise regimen. Exercise without awareness and control can lead to injury.


Each exercise in the Pilates method has a purpose and a goal. Therefore, as you approach each exercise precision is required to execute the exercise as perfectly as possible and retrain damaging movement patterns.  As Joseph Pilates used to say "honour every movement".  Most of the exercises in Pilates are very low repetition, thus you must focus on doing a few precise perfect repetitions.

The Equipment Explained


Pilates ReformerThe reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform/carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs which provide differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame. The carriage has shoulder blocks that keep a practitioner from sliding off the end of the reformer as they push or pull the carriage.

The reformer also has long straps with handles on them that are attached to the top end of the frame. Body weight and resistance of the springs are what make the carriage more or less difficult to move. Reformers parts are adjustable for differing body sizes and for differing levels of skill making it very vesitile. The reformer can train many parts and dynamics of the body in so many different ways with just one relatively sleek piece of equipment.


Pilates Casillac This is the ultimate in adding a gravity challenge to your workout. As a piece of equipment it looks pretty intimidating - it is about 6 feet tall. When folks first see it they often laugh uncomfortably and joke that it looks like a medieval torture device. You can isolate almost every muscle group on the machine, it is an excellent tool for breaking down motion into small pieces to restore correct motion patterns.

Stability Chair

Pilates Stability Chair The Pilates chair is basically a box with one side that can be pressed down against the resistance of springs, like a large pedal. Sometimes the pedal portion is divided into two parts that can be worked independently. Though the basic design is simple, there are a myriad of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates chair. It is excellent for strengthening the core muscles, of course, and also the arms and legs. Exercises are done lying, sitting, and standing on the chair, as well as from positions to the sides of the chair. One can expect a lot of stability and flexibility work on the chair.

Ladder Barrel

Pilates Ladder Barrel Each has a rounded barrel-like surface that helps isolate deep postural muscles and challenges the body on all planes of movement. As the name suggests the Pilates Ladder Barrel consists of ladder-like rungs and rounded barrel-like surface on which a multitude of stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises can be performed. The ladder rungs – four to six in total – are also adjustable to facilitate varying levels of fitness. As we advance in age, the muscles keep on weakening. This causes our spine to lose its natural curve. The Pilates Barrel strengthens the abdominal, back and shoulder muscles to keep the spine strong and supple. The chest opens up, shoulders straighten, and the hump back (if any) can disappear.

MOORE Pilates Shop

High Quality Pilates Equipment - Online

  • Exercise Ball : £20   

  • Pilates Weights : £12   

  • Pilates Band : £2.50   

  • Exercise Circles : £16   

  • Pilates Mat : £10   

  • Pilates Roller : £25   

  • Small Ball : £10   

  • Deluxe Package : £90   

  • Half Package : £40   

  • Gift Voucher : £10   

  • Gift Voucher : £20   

  • Gift Voucher : £50   

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Samantha Moore - Director

Sam Moore - Moore Pilates

Sam Moore is passionate about the benefits of Pilates and has taught in many studios before she founded her own studio (MOOREPilates Ltd) in 2011.  After sustaining an injury to her hip through dancing, her professional career came to an abrupt end.   Through regular physio and Pilates sessions, Sam managed to build her strength back to a level that allowed her to teach dance at Degree Level and lead an active lifestyle free of pain.  Sam states 'Pilates is my glue' and it is ingrained into the routine of her life.

Sam began her Pilates career by completing her Mat Work Qualification with the Pilates Foundation and since has received her Pilates Diploma and Full Certification with STOTTS Pilates.  She has also received her Diploma in Exercise Referral and Exercise for the Management of Lower Back Pain with Premier Training.  Sam is also a Mat Work Teacher Trainer and is registered with Active IQ.  Sam is also registered with STOTS, Pilates Foundation and REPS.

"Pilates helps me to breathe freely, to stand tall, centred and balanced." (Sam Moore)

Rocio Garcia

Rocio Garcia - Moore Pilates

Rocio discovered Pilates four years ago when she was suffering from a problem with her knee as a result of her running. After seeing the benefits and how she improved in strength, balance and flexibility she decided to train as a matwork teacher with Stott Pilates continuing with Reformer. 'Pilates has been the perfect complement for my running, hiking and climb always getting the stamina that I need even when I can not practice them as I used to do.'

Currently Rocio is completing full certification Level 1 Stott Pilates.

'I always recommend Pilates to everybody, suitable for people of all ages and all levels of fitness, never too late to start and a lot to get back.'

Jo Kelly

Felicity Haines - Moore Pilates

Jo has been teaching Pilates since 2003. Jo is also a qualified Physiotherapist and Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor.

Initially learning the Pilates method whilst training for her first marathon to remedy a sore knee she fast became hooked on the focus, length and strength the exercises gave her.
Jo qualified through Body Arts & Science International in Hong Kong where she then worked as a senior instructor before moving to Perth, Western Australia to pursue a Physiotherapy degree. She is a faculty member of Body Arts & Science International.

In Perth Jo worked for a private Physiotherapy clinic working alongside specialist Physiotherapists with a broad range of clientele ranging from lower back pain, pregnancy and total hip replacements to rehabilitation of players from the Australian Olympic water polo team. In 2006 Jo also began teaching on the year long LifeCare Pilates course and mentoring of new-grad Physiotherapists learning the Pilates method.

Jo returned to the UK in Oct 2014 to spend time with family and be wrapped around the little fingers of her nephew and niece. 'I enjoy the fluidity of movement that Pilates affords me; not just the difference in the way that I move, but most of all how I feel after a good workout.'

Rachel Cunningham

Rachel Cunningham

Rachel’s first love was dancing and performing. Starting at the age of 5 with dance classes, she decided this would be the path she would follow and work within initially. This led her to continue dancing and eventually achieve a 1st Class Honours Degree in Dance Performance. After graduating she was lucky enough to dance professionally for 4 years in various countries for an international travel company. During this time Rachel studied various fitness techniques and delivered fitness classes alongside her performing.

Whilst undertaking her professional dance training, Rachel was introduced to Pilates with Sam and thoroughly enjoyed it. The help with strengthening, alignment and flexibility really appealed to her and complimented her dance training perfectly. The love of Pilates stuck with her throughout her performing years and recently Rachel has returned to the UK permanently intending to develop her Pilates knowledge and training alongside her existing range of fitness skills.

Currently she is teaching the Total Barre Class at Moore Pilates and is excited to become more involved with the company in the future.

Adam James

Felicity Haines - Moore Pilates

Adam became a fully qualified Pilates instructor at POMAK within a year, he has a curiosity to understand the body and how it works, viewing it as a mechanical instrument.
Adam found Pilates after a life changing motorbike accident where he suffered a complete right hemisphere stroke followed by numerous skull operations. His future and likelihood of survival was looked bleak. But he survived and due to his stubborn nature and achieved the impossible according to leading neuroscientist. His own journey in life helps him emphasise with others with barriers they face when they are recovering from injuries. He believes it’s possible to do better, it’s possible to become great and gains enormous satisfaction from helping others.

Some people listen to themselves, rather than listen to what other say, these people don't come along very often but when they do, they remind us that once you set up in a path even though critics may doubt you, it's okay to believe that there is no can't, won't or impossible. They remind us; it's okay to believe impossible is nothing- Adidas

Heather Byass

Felicity Haines - Moore Pilates

Heather worked as Cabin Crew for 18 years before training as a Pilates Instructor with STOTT Pilates.

However, a change of job meant that teaching Pilates had to be put on hold for a while. Heather began Pilates again with Sam in 2014 and is now working towards her full certification.

‘Pilates gives me the confidence to challenge myself to run harder, faster and stronger’

Are you a qualified Pilates instructor ?

If so, we would like to hear from you. Our business is expanding into new arenas and we are always on the look out for qualified Pilates instructors.

Please contact us for further details and to introduce yourself.

Sarah-Lynn Spruzen

Laura Paddison - Moore Pilates

Sarah-Lynn is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a balanced approach to diet and health. She believes nutritional advice should be practical and achievable, offering detailed one-to-one consultations.

Sarah-Lynn has a Masters degree (distinction) in Applied Human Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University and is registered with the Association for Nutrition.

She also has an Honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Bath and previously worked as a Chartered Accountant.

Jenni Thomas

Laura Paddison - Moore Pilates

Jenni has enjoyed many forms of exercise over the years, trying all the latest fitness trends but never really sticking to any particular form. She toyed with the idea of fitness teacher training in her early 20's but couldn't decide which she felt most passionate about.

Twenty years on; a career in the design industry and 4 children later, she finally decided Pilates was the way to go - truly believing in the science behind the philosophy. She feels teaching Pilates is a continuous learning journey for both students and teachers and is looking forward to the challenge of keeping her classes fresh and stimulating; inspiring students to “be their best” and expanding her knowledge...PLUS, she doesn't want to be a little old lady with a hunchback and knows that Pilates will help prevent that!!

Chris Surridge

Laura Paddison - Moore Pilates

Chris offers a unique soft tissue prevention, treatment and rehabilitation approach, that is designed specifically for you. Using advanced sports and remedial massage techniques, combined with flexibility and strengthening homecare exercises, we aim to get you back to feeling your best!

It is a major part of our philosophy that treating the cause of the problem and not just the injury site itself, is a huge factor of overcoming your injury. Which is why, through an initial detailed assessment, a treatment plan will be designed that is specific to you and your needs and will include homecare exercises that compliment the treatment.

I started my career in the health and fitness industry, where I initially trained as a personal trainer, this gave me a good understanding of the body in relation to movement, performance and potential. However, it quickly became apparent to me, that functional exercise shouldn't be a standalone tool in the treatment of soft tissue rehabilitation. I wanted more knowledge and to become an expert regarding the prevention and treatment of soft tissue injuries, which led me into the world of massage where I decided to train at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage, a leading school in the field of soft tissue therapy.

Here my knowledge grew and just being around experts in the field of soft tissue therapy gave me a different perspective and understanding of the body and the way to treat it. I have found that I have now returned to NLSSM as an assistant tutor, helping to pass on my knowledge to the new generation of soft tissue therapist.

MOOREPliates is really pleased to announce that Chris will be offering treatments at our studio, if you would like to book a treatment please book directly with Chris on 07743 95023 or visit Chris' page here . . .

Rachel Rawlings

Laura Paddison - Moore Pilates

Rachel is a keen sportsperson who played competitive hockey for over 30 years, suffering some serious injuries along the way. Rachel began attending Pilates classes with Sam Moore in 2011 to help with persistent lower back pain. After being diagnosed with a serious lumbar disc injury, Rachel was forced to retire from hockey. Determined not to give in, Rachel threw herself wholeheartedly into Pilates Mat Work, Reformer, Cardio Tramp and now Pure Power. She has seen an amazing transformation through the benefits of hard work and determination at Pilates and by strengthening from her core now suffers only minimal back pain from time to time.

With a vast amount of administrative experience as a senior PA, Rachel helps with the administration here at MOOREPilates.

Rachel is always cheerful and approachable and believes there is no such thing as a silly question!

“Regular Pilates has helped me both physically and mentally, without Pilates my body and mind would simply not be where it is today”

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Laura Paddison - Moore Pilates

Finn achieved the accredited Active IQ level 3 diploma in instructing Pilates here at Moore Pilates. This was over a six-month intensive training course which she thoroughly enjoyed. Previously Finn has been full time, bringing up her five children who now range from the ages of 13 to 23 years and is now very enthusiastic to develop a career. Finn qualified as an aerobic teacher in her late teens and enjoyed teaching immensely. After her 4th child was born, she re qualified in Aerobic Teaching with the YMCA, to, again, find herself pregnant with her 5th child Luke.

Now years later, Finn says, that Pilates has changed her life for the better, reconnecting her mind with her body and is a mindful practice for her. Finn admits she experiences the benefit of the discipline of controlled and intelligent movements within her everyday life.

It is this experience of being able to continue what she loved most that drives the way she teaches Pilates. Her passion is to get people better and to get them to do activities they think are beyond them believing that Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise to help re-align, strengthen, lengthen and tone the body. Finn strives to teach clients how to, strengthen their core without having to think about it and discover better posture. She wants to share her enthusiasm for moving intelligently making it fun, so that it becomes a natural process.

Finn very much enjoys helping others finding it extremely rewarding and brings her back to where her first passion began. “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha