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Orla Palmer MOOREPilates StoryOrla Palmer - Moore Pilates

Of course, I should have heeded Sam's advice when I told her I was taking up running at the ripe old age of 45 - 12 months later I was back in the studio, in tears telling her the orthopedic surgeon recommended a full hip replacement as the only available option for me.  I had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia (rather than having a nice deep cup to hold the bone in place I had a flat plate basically!) which I had probably had since a child but the running exacerbated the issue.  This meant that the hip would frequently slip and slide and dislocate itself when I turned over in bed, walked down stairs and even just crossed my legs.   Combined with this, the cartilage had worn away unevenly and the bones were now wearing bone on bone.

I was scared, in pain and unaccepting of both the fact my body was failing me so early on and the fact that I was going to need serious surgery which involved a saw (never a good thing), with a long recovery period.   Sam very quickly talked me off the ledge and before I knew it put a full restorative plan in place - within a week she had me doing weekly physio sessions with her amazing physio Jo Kelly - backed up with my regular reformer pilates class.  After about 10 weeks of this, I'm stronger than ever before - I've learnt to use the correct muscles and having strengthened those muscles, my dodgy hip is now held firmly in place, it no longer dislocates and the pain is gone.  I've recently happily canceled all appointments with my orthopedic surgeon as there are no longer any real symptoms!

When I told my classmate the story, she said Oh that's nothing, the doctors told me 10 years I needed both knees replaced and instead I found Sam!!  And that is the happy ending to my story too - I found Sam (again! 2nd time she's fixed me too but that's anotherstory!) and Jo.  There aren't words to express my gratitude.

Thank you ladies xx.

Orla Palmer

Claire Russel MOOREPilates StoryOrla Palmer - Moore Pilates

Before having children I'd never had any problems with my back, despite sitting at a desk hunched over a computer screen for over 8 hours every day. I first started experiencing neck and shoulder pain when my twins were 18 months old, which left me unable to move my head, drive or even pick up the boys.

My GP prescribed muscle relaxants, which got me moving again, but only a few months later I was back in the same position. I then started seeing osteopaths on a regular basis for treatment but I soon realised that a lifetime of slouchy posture, two c-sections and, with three little boys, very little time to exercise was taking its toll on my body. And, unless I did something to improve my core strength, this cycle of pain and discomfort followed by treatment was going to continue.

I’d been to some Pilates classes at my old gyms in both London and Sydney and thought that focusing on core strength would be a sensible place to start. I started coming to Moore Pilatesonce a week in 2014 after a recommendation from my friend Jess Knight. Sam put me through my paces, I was shocked to realise that I had muscles in places I didn't realise I had them!

I do one reformer class a week on a Monday evening, I’m always tired but it sets me up for the week ahead. Now, over two years since I started, I can honestly say that my core is stronger than it's ever been before.

I'm so STRONG! I can pick up my kids and carry them upstairs, give them piggy backs, even my 8 year olds.  And, the real proof for me is that in the two and half years I’ve been coming to MOOREPilates, I haven't been to the osteopath once!

I’m constantly amazed at how much stronger I am now, I’m more conscious of my posture and how the ‘Pilates breathing’ can help too. I feel like I’m more aware of any niggles in my back and shoulders and know how to deal with it. These days, I don't travel anywhere without my Swedish memory foam pillow, I have three foam rollers in my bedroom and know if I feel a twinge in my back I can roll it out on the rollers.

I enjoy the variety and that classes are always different, like most people I get bored quickly but find that I’m rarely checking my watch in a class. Honestly, as a stay at home mum, I really cherish the time for myself!

Claire Russel

Kathie Collins MOOREPilates Story Orla Palmer - Moore Pilates

Until I started Pilates sessions with Sam, my fitness regime involved high impact / high energy activity - horse riding, cycling, running, badminton, swimming and other sports that required extensive physical effort.  I wasn't sure whether I would take to the more intense, controlled exercise that comes with Pilates - how wrong was I!!

My regular sessions have enabled me to learn more about my body holistically than any other single exercise that I have ever undertaken.  My posture and balance have improved immeasurably (I have had leg length discrepancy from birth but had not realised how misaligned my hips had become over the years).  I am more conscious of my hip positioning now and have made changes which will significantly improve my mobility as I grow older.

My core strength is 100%+ better now than it was before I started Pilates in Spring 2015.  The benefit of this flows through into all the other sports that I still pursue (especially the horse riding!!).

I have seen many other improvements - my breathing is more controlled (Sam might not agree with this!), my shoulders are less rounded and hunched, my upper arms are definitely toned and upper legs are less wobbly!  The biggest overall benefit is the control I am now able to exert over muscle groups and parts of the body I never knew existed - it sounds easy, but for me it has taken hard work and brilliant tuition to get here!!

My final comment comes back to the holistic nature of Pilates.  Every week we work on different parts of my body - nothing has been spared!  But I leave my sessions at the studio walking taller (and straighter!), with muscles tingling and stretched and I'm always smiling.  I love it!

Kathie Collins

Wendy Jenner MOOREPilates Story Orla Palmer - Moore Pilates

I played and thoroughly enjoyed tennis for many years (since I was a young girl) and developed a back problem which aggravated me but was kept in check. I suppose it didn’t help having 2 children and subsequently 2 grandchildren, combined with my work being desk work! Anyway, visits to the osteopath lasted for years and all that was happening was that I was pulled back into shape.

In August 2015, my SI joint locked without warning and I was in agony as my back muscles went into spasm. I visited a different osteopath who treated it for a few weeks but it wouldn’t stay in place so she suggested that Pilates could help to build up the core body muscles and recommended Sam as she had worked with her and seen for herself the expertise she could offer.

I started with Sam in November last year, beginning with individual sessions to learn all the techniques and practice the individual exercises that Sam recommended for my condition. As things improved, I was able to join a reformer class in January and also add a cardio tramp class which has been brilliant in building up my stamina.

I have been given stretching and strengthening exercises by Sam and Gaby, some of which I endeavour to do every day. I have begun to understand a new language... piriformis stretch, spine curl and so on, plus many other things which Sam has taught me through her encyclopaedic understanding of the mechanics of the body!

So where am I now? I have been able to get back on the tennis court, albeit for only small periods of time, but this has been a very positive step for me after a year away from the game I love. I am planning to build up slowly in the weeks and months ahead to get back to be able to play a full game.

Sam and Moore Pilates has been instrumental in helping me to stabilise my body and whilst I have not quite completed my journey to recovery in full, I am well on the way and certainly travelling down the right road.


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